Saturday, January 21, 2017

A Matter of Perspective

My son was hanging up his clean laundry in his closet and ran out of hangers.

Me: I think you have too many shirts...
Son: ...OR not enough hangers!
Me: I think we're going to stick with too many shirts. 😄

I had him pick out 5 short sleeve and 5 long sleeve shirts that were either too small or that he didn't like as much as his other shirts. I still need to do my part and remove all the outgrown stuff, but at least it freed up some hangers.

* * * * * *
Second story, courtesy of Teenager!

Me, to DH: Do you have any sentimental attachment to these cookie cutters? I think we inherited them from Grandma Dorothy, but we're not really cookie cutter cookie making people.

Teen: Are you saying I need to try and make more cookies?

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